Wednesday, July 22, 2009


How many arrows continue,
the output,
prove to be the arrival
another space, a direction.
Different directions,
always self,
variety of ways
possible move,
as we go
toward that light,
beautiful sacred illumination.
Universal wisdom,
maximum warmth of expression,
our comfortable home,
our own place.
That vital membership,
deep, sensitive and humane.
That coat is necessary when cold,
such as basic food and nutrition.
The direction towards the feelings,
always moves and awakens
the best of us,
although at times
the weather is our flesh,
our skin can get to run,
is something that should not happen,
is the way, virtuous
our worlds deep
so dark, but with a promise of light.
An eternal light ...
ignite our flame is possible
and much needed
we will never forget
they also must be fed.
You need only follow our arrow
or perhaps, through it we
also that day may arrive.
Arrows come to me ....

Sunday, July 19, 2009


One day the lightning part,

me partie, and energy

saved left.

Can not be stopped, changes

arise, and passing ...